Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dear Arctic law thematic network fellows,
It will be great to see most of you in the forthcoming Polar law symposium/Arctic Circle in Iceland.
NEWS: our electronic book is now out – wonderful. Dr. Hasanat did a great job in finalizing the format of the electronic book, which you can find from http://www.arcticcentre.org/InEnglish/RESEARCH/The-Northern-Institute-for-Environmental-and-Minority-Law/University-of-the-Arctic-Thematic-Network-on-Arctic-Law/Publications (we will also create a link from the University of the Arctic’s website to this publication).
ANOTHER PIECE OF NEWS: We have created a possibility for you to blog on Arctic law related issues and questions. Our aim here is to publish short pieces on topical Arctic legal issues (between 400 and 700 words). We encourage you – the members of the thematic network – to contribute to the blog, and to circulate this thematic network blog posts amongst your circles. The blog will also be visible also in the University of the Arctic’s website so we can reach much wider audiences by blogging this way. Dr. Kamrul Hossain, who has done a great job with creating this possibility, will administer the blog. The blog can be accessed through the link: http://www.arcticlawnetwork.blogspot.fi/ Please send your contributions addressed to Dr. Hossain at: <thematic.law.network@gmail.com> 
The University of the Arctic will announce these accomplishments soon in their news section.
So, colleagues, see you soon in Iceland!
Best, Timo
Timo Koivurova
Research professor, director
The Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law
Arctic Centre
University of Lapland

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